All of Graves labrador retriever pups are socialized with children of all ages. They are also raised going outside through a doggy door. We do this for many reasons. Above all it is for their health. Dogs do NOT live by years as humans do, they live by the seasons. Raised out in the dirt also creates tight paws. As well it makes it easier to potty train in their new homes. They are exposed to loud noises as well as other noises.

Our goal is for the original intent for the breed, the all versatile dog. So there for our pups are old lines & English (Some might call them British). All of our adult dogs at Graves Labradors have been health tested and we guarantee that we do not produce affected pups to known disorders that are common in labradors! We welcome any questions you may have. Or contact us to come by to visit our pack.

Boss & Havarti

Boss is currently Daisy Mountain labs stud. We are excited to see how show these puppies will turn out like. Havarti is so sweet and loves everyone!  We are excited to announce the puppies Birth date is 6/04/2022. Pet price is only $2000.

Yellows (Very Light)

R & R Farms Daisy Mountain Boss


Blue Boy

Blue boy is a very laid back personality and will be an amazing companion dog.

Brown Boy

Brown boy is a very in the middle personality. He can play ball or just chill with you. He has a very happy demeanor.


Future Litter

We do have some planned breeding’s but it’s up to our Lord and the girls to come into season and or carry full term. Pregnancies are as you know can be simple or the body decides no way.