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All of Graves labrador retriever pups are socialized with children of all ages. They are also raised outside with adequate shelter. We do this for many reasons. Above all it is for their health. Dogs do NOT live by years as humans do, they live by the seasons. Raised out in the dirt also creates tight paws. As well it makes it easier to potty train in their new homes. They are exposed to loud noises as well as other noises.

Our goal is for the original intent for the breed, the all versatile dog. So there for our pups are American & English Breed (Some might call them British). They have the American stamina, with some of the English build for better health. All of our adult dogs at Graves Labradors have been EIC & CNM tested and we guarentee that we do not produce affected pups! We welcome any questions you may have. Or contact us to come by to visit our pack.

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Current Litters

We can be reached at 623-810-9765.


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Hopeful Future Litters To Come



Maggie & Magnum

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Lord willing we are hoping to have chocolate puppies from these two. We are excited to have a litter from Magnum from Cozy Acres Labradors. Maggie is 2 generations of our puppies as you can see on her pedigree. She comes from a line of nicely breed dogs for hunting, service dog, therapy dogs, drug dogs, shed dog and nice companions. We are taking deposits on this litter .


Chili & Bullwinkle

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Lord willing these two will be having yellow/white puppies. These puppies will make great hunters, service & therapy dogs as well as companion pups. Click on their names to go to their individual pages for their information.


We do have some planned breeding’s but it's up to our Lord and the girls to come into season.

We only take deposits on 3 males and 3 females per unborn litter due to unknown sexes of puppies.


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Other Breeders with

Puppies & Health Guarentees


Melton's English Labradors



Melton Labradors have 2 litters of beautiful black English puppies!

Contact Melton Labs through phone at 602-218-8626, email or Web site.



Cozy Acres Farm


Available Chocolate Male Labrador Puppies!

See our Blog for updated information

Pam @ 602-540-3890 or email her @ cozyacresfarm02@hotmail.com.


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Coat Color Inheritance in Labrador Retrievers

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