Graves Locked N Loaded Remington II

Remi is the grand daughter of Einstein and daughter of Orion. We are very blessed to have her with us. She was born here with us and is a copy of her dad. She is of the old lines and stands pretty tall.

Graves Dakota Dreaming Summit

Dakota has such a wonderful demeanor. Both her parents produced service dogs as well as pets etc.. She was pick of one of our own litters. We held back one of her daughters as well.

Graves Locked N Loaded Destiny

Destiny is a very go lucky and eager to please kind of girl. Orion is her grandpa and we are happy to have her with us. We have started to show her and hopefully soon she will have her titles as well.

Graves Bearly Behavin Cassie

Cassie is a very nice blend from our Cheddar & Belle. Belle is now retired and Cheddar is visiting some friends in Tucson. Cassie has drive and class.

Graves Locked N Loaded 45

We have great hope for 45. She is from our original lines and will have amazing puppies. She is sweet and driven.

Graves Lil Bit of Grace

Retried Females

Painted Sun's Lynn

Lynn is from our foundation lines and she weights a whole 93lbs. Her Sire is Einstein & Dam is Twinflame's Hannah Blue. She looks so much like her father. Lynn shows the same awesome drive her father did for hunting. We are blessed to have her. Both of her parents are Amazing.

Graves Locked N Loaded Image

Image joined us from Tennisee. We were blessed to have her join our pack. She is hunt started and eager to please. She is show english and throws some beautiful puppies. Her sire is originaly from Bayou Bend Labradors as some of our other dogs. She has retired to become a PTSD service dog.

Graves Locked N Loaded Rose Bud

Rose is a Daughter of our Colt. She has shown great potential in the show ring as well as a happy go lucky personality. She is very sweet.

Bayou Bends Fancy Diva

Diva is a blessing that came to us from BAYOU BEND LABRADORS in Arkansas. I would like to thank Bob Chesser for the opertunity to have Diva in our breeding program. She is a very sweet and loves her family. We look forward to having some Amazing puppies from her. Diva has retired into a pet home

Graves Magic Maggie

Maggie is one of our Grand puppy. Her sire Orion and grand sire Buddy are both retired. Her dam is Belle, and Grand Dam Belle. She is a very smart and eagar to please girl. She is going to continue to give us the amazing lines everyone loves.

Graves Lil Bit Of Hope

Hope is pick of the litter from a litter Orion sired. There is nothing about this girl that we don't like. She is a fox red color. We can't wait to see our future with her. We are hopeful to have our own line of fox reds with this girl.

Bayou Bends Dancing Chili

Chili is a blessing that came to us from the kennel of Bayou Bend Labradors out of Arkansas. Her drive, eagerness to please as well as her lines speak for themselves. She just got her in the spring of 2014 and we are thrilled to have her in our breeding program.

Graves Sweet Georgia Gal

Georgia is 3 generations of our lines. She is very sweet and has wonderful pups.

Graves Image to Showtime

Showtime is the daughter of Image & Show. We are thrilled to have her and loved her parents. Image went on to be a service dog and Show has become a boys best friend. She is a very calm and personalbe girl.

Graves LiL Tesla

Tesla is the daughter of Hope & Colt. She has a very sweet demeanor she got from her parents. She is a dominant recessive black that carries the yellow gene. We are blessed to have her.

Graves Locked N Loaded Gunner

Gunner came to us out of Texas. She is a very wonderful addition to our girls. Her daughter is also with us. She is English body type and produces pups from pets to service dogs.

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