Our Dogs are raised with hunting training in mind, but fit excellent in many other parts of our lives as well. I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this. I am trying to bring my Feed Back page up to date. I have always had one on my site, but it is mostly outdated. I am asking if you would write us a reference letter. If you are running short on time, I understand and it can be short. Please try to think about the questions below:

  • Please include your dog’s name, the year it was born and your state of residence.
  • Please date your email
  • Did we give you enough time and information?
  • Did we answer your questions?
  • Was I available to you?
  • Is your pup healthy?
  • When you go to the vet, what does he/she say about your pup?
  • When you came to our kennel how you did feel about our set up?
  • Did you find us to be honest? Was our integrity lacking in any way?
  • Was your pup socialized enough?
  • Please tell me if I can leave your email address on the reference letter to give it credibility.
  • Did I continue to educate and help you with any problems you may or may not have with your pup after the purchase?
  • How much does your pup weight, and how tall is your pup?
  • Please send us current photos of your pup.
  • Did you get a pup from us for hunting or as a pet and how successful has your pup achieved this goal for you?

To those of you who are willing to read this email and take the time to do this, Thank you. I know some of you have written or called with wonderful replies to me after getting your pup, but I would love a summary to publish on our Feed Back Page. Again, thank you. I know time is precious.

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