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Our Dogs are raised with hunting training in mind, but fit excellent in many other parts of our lives as well.

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Buddy & Lynn Pup March 2011

Our dog Zeus is wonderful.  Full of life.  We have another puppy, just one month older than Zeus. They play all day.  She is only 8 pounds and is a Morkie???  Spelling???  She can beat on him and pull on him and he is so gentle.  Zeus thinks that he is just a small lap dog.  We could not be more thrilled to have purchased this pure breed Chocolate Lab from you and your kennel

Please include your dog’s name, the year it was born and your state of residence. ZEUS, 2011, ARIZONA
·        Please date your email 4/11/2012
·        Did we give you enough time and information? YES
·        Did we answer your questions? YES
·        Was I available to you? YES
·        Is your pup healthy? YES
·        When you go to the vet, what does he/she say about your pup? THAT HE IS VERY HEALTHY, FUN LOVING AND DOING VERY WELL. 
·        Did you find us to be honest? Was our integrity lacking in any way? EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. 
·        Please tell me if I can leave your email address on the reference letter to give it credibility. YES (Jphxinscottsdale@aol.com)
·        Did I continue to educate and help you with any problems you may or may not have with your pup after the purchase? THERE WERE NO PROBLEMS. 
·        How much does your pup weight, and how tall is your pup? HE WEIGHTS 79 POUNDS.  DON'T KNOW THE HEIGHT.. I WOULD SAY NORMAL. 
·        Please send us current photos of your pup.PICTURES COMING
·        Did you get a pup from us for hunting or as a pet and how successful has your pup achieved this goal for you? AS A PET.  GOAL MET 100%.  THE ONLY ISSUE IS THAT HE LIKES TO SLEEP IN BED WITH ME AND MY WIFE (AND OTHER SMALL DOG) AND NOT WITH OUR SON. 


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Buddy Ol' Pal Melton 2011 Arizona, March 16, 2012


·        Did we give you enough time and information? Absolutely- you were and continue to be incredible in supporting us with Buddy.
·        Did we answer your questions?Yes, yes and yes again!
·        Was I available to you? Beyond what could be expected.  We truly appreciate all that you have done for us and Buddy.
·        Is your pup healthy? Yep- a very strong and active lab.
·        When you go to the vet, what does he/she say about your pup? Haven't been to the vet yet- is that a bad thing?
·        When you came to our home how you did feel about our set up? I know you wish the setting was larger but it was helpful to see how you ·        had separate areas for the dogs apart from your regular family area.  We've done this and it is helpful in losing less items due to chewage. 
·        Did you find us to be honest? Beyond a doubt.  All that you did for Buddy when he had parvo was so appreciated- you saved his life.  ·        Thank you!

·        Was our integrity lacking in any way? Never.
·        Was your pup socialized enough? Yes, he loves being around other dogs and people. We can't wait until we have a Sissy Ol' Gal to ·        introduce him to so he has a friend to socialize with more regularly.
·        Please tell me if I can leave your email address on the reference letter to give it credibility? We would love to be able to help you out. ·        Brad Melton <the_melton_family@msn.com>
·        Did I continue to educate and help you with any problems you may or may not have with your pup after the purchase? Yes, even with ·        home visits and puppy sitting while we were away on vacation. 
·        How much does your pup weight, and how tall is your pup? I'm not sure but he's getting very big and tall.  A very strong guy!
·        Please send us current photos of your pup. Dog faceI'll try and send you one soon.
·        Did you get a pup from us for hunting or as a pet and how successful has your pup achieved this goal for you? We got Buddy as a pet ·        and he is a great pet- still rambunctious but that's due to our inconsistency with training him.  I know as he gets older he'll get a bit more ·        mellow.  We don't want him to be a hunter but know he would be great at it if given the chance to get to our chickens- ha! ha!

Chester & Belle Pup March of 2011

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Pitch Chandlar

Pitch Chandlar

Hi Genia I am sorry this has taken so long for me to get back to you with. I do want to tell you before I even begin that purchasing Pitch and the experience before and after have been nothing short of amazing. You guys have been wonderful. We thank you for everything and especially for putting him in our lives for us to love and enjoy even for a brief time. Anytime you need a reference or a potential buyer wants to talk to a previous owner please pass along our contact information. We are happy to tell them how wonderful our experience has been.
February 26, 2011
We purchased a black male labrador, Pitch born 3/08/2011, from Genia at Graves Labradors. He was purchased to be a hunting dog as well as companion for our family (we have 5 children ages 7-17). We had plenty of time playing with all of the puppies before choosing the perfect one for our family. Genia and her family were very helpful, always answered our questions before, during and after our purchase. Genia sent us home with lots of great information and tips about caring for, training, and other information about our puppy. The facility was very clean and all of the dogs were very obviously well taken care of, socialized and loved. Our puppy went in to the vet a few days after our purchase for his first check up and we were told he was wonderfully healthy and beautiful dog. Genia was always available for us if we ever had any questions. She has always been honest and up front about everything.
Our puppy has passed (due to an accident, nothing health related) and at the time of his passing was 9mths old and weighed in at approximately 65-70 pounds. He was an amazing dog. He was perfect in the car on our 3 hour drive home the day we picked him up and wonderful everyday after that. We were shocked to find him fetching at 8wks when we brought him home. He was athletic and intelligent. He had a playful but quiet disposition and it was a while before we heard him bark. He fit into our household so easily and was always ready to play with the girls when they were ready. He would drag them across the floor with a felt rope toy, they thought that was the best game ever. However, when they were done playing he would immediately quiet down and turn into the perfect pillow for them to lay with and watch cartoons. By the time he was 16 weeks we could put a treat on his nose and he would hold it there until we told him he could have it, he would wait to be invited inside before he entered the house, and would even sit and wait for his food until our girls were finished preparing it and told him it was ok to eat. He loved to hike, camp and fish with us and was a constant companion to our girls. Walking him around the neighborhood he was always protective (not aggressive) of our girls. He loved all things water related (even the snow), our garden hose was his favorite toy, he loved to drag it but never chewed on it. We eventually had to fill a kiddie pool in the yard for him to play in.
Even when he passed Genia went through the grieving process with us. We gained not just a puppy buying from Genia, we have gained knowledge, trust and a friend. We received a handicapped labrador puppy that no one else would adopt at Christmas 2011 and even though this puppy is not one from Genia's litters or a relative of any of her dogs, she has still helped us when we have questions or concerns. We will always recommend her first to anyone seeking a wonderful, well socialized, intelligent, healthy puppy. The experience of purchasing Pitch from Genia has been nothing short of amazing.
Justin & Misti Schubel


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March 28,2011

Mostro DOB: Sept. 2009, State of Residence: New Mexico

Definitely appreciated the tour of the facilities; it eased my mind as to the care taken with all the dogs. You answered all of our questions & have been available to us. We found Genia to be Definitely honest; integrity not lacking. Our pup blended in well with our other dogs which are both older. We got Mostro As a pet and for hunting. We quail hunt when there are birds, but the last couple of years have been very "dry" (not many birds to hunt) so training has been slow. Mostro is an extremely smart dog and likes to work. His favorite pasttime, however, is playing ball (as many times a day as he can get you outside to do it). Mostro is also very sensitive; he responds well to verbal correction and did so starting at a very early age. He has been trained with a gun that shoots blanks and launches a training sock with bird scent. Because he is not fond of the shot blast, he will not set up right next to the shooter but about 10-15 feet away. As soon as the gun is fired, however, he is off and running and won't come back till he finds the sock. We still need more field experience finding the real birds, though. Oh...and he LOVES water. We have a water trough he loves to jump in; in the summer he spends a lot of time in it. Mostro ("Mo") is a wonderful dog; we couldn't be happier with him.

Lynda Martin

Locked N Loaded Winchester & Cassie's Bearly Belle

Also Drake from the same litter.


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Sorry it has taken so long to get a update to you. Frannie is an incredible dog, she is smart, strong and willing to learn. She was a big hit at elk and deer camp this year, and did a great job her first year in the dove field. You will probably be able to tell from the pictures, she is a big 7 month old.

Nick Frank


Lynn & Charlie Litter 06/01/2010

Frannie Frannie

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Belle Young


December 23, 2010
We cannot say enough good about Graves Labradors. Belle (Black female, born 9/4/2010) is a wonderful puppy with an incredible disposition. The vet's office even commented on how calm she was. We have had very positive comments on her conformation. She came to us well socialized and fits in wonderfully with our active family. She is great with our children and has been easy to train by them. The best part of Graves Labradors is Jim and Genia. They were wonderful and extremely knowledgeable about training and breeding puppies. We learned some great tips. It is nice to know the puppy came from a place where she was really loved from the beginning.
-a happy family in Buckeye, AZ

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Cassie's Bearly Belle & Buddy James Barnet 9/4/2010



Hunter has become a great joy in our lives. There are the normal puppy attitudes and activities but his overall demeanor,intelligence and curiosity is amazing. We were very glad we purchased this puppy from Graves. The helpfulness,information and availability was great. Hunter was born 9-4-2010 and will be 16 weeks old on Christmas just a few days away. He watches birds in the air which incredible to us since we also have a 5 year old that was also raised from a pup and she hasn't done that but is still a great hunter so we think Hunter will live up to his name. He loves quail and as you can see loves ducks. The vet says he is very healthy and growing like crazy. We all think he is going to be a good sized dog. He was amazed at his first snow here in Northern Arizona since the valley rarely gets any,nothing seems to stop his curiousity.
Thanks so much for all of your help and we hope you and yours have a joyous Holiday Season.

Grace and Steve Fronstin





Jim and Sherry Spurlock

This letter is in regards to our puppy Charley Born: 11/17/2009 Resides in Surprise, AZ

We have the best pup ever, Charley is our best friend and we love home dearly. We got Charley our chocolate lab from Graveslabradors last year and we have never been more happy. Genia and her husband was there from the beginning, we were welcomed, and given a good look at her kennels and other dogs. We met Tess and Chester the parents of Charley. If we had any concerns or questions they were answered. Our puppy is healthy and our vet says he is going to be a BIG boy.
At 1 year he is close to a 100 pounds and stands at approx 24 inches, he is loving, and funny and the name Charley fits him to a tee! If anyone has a question or concern feel free to email us at sherry8036@cox.net.

We also have a large German Shepard that is 13 years old and we love him to pieces, we thought we would never get another dog like our Samson, but we did, Charley is the greatest. They are best buds, they play, sleep and eat together. They get along great! When Charley looks at you with thoses eyes you just melt!!!!!!

Thank you Genia for such an exceptional dog, friend and companion for our family!

Jim and Sherry Spurlock

Charlie Charlie Charlie



Hi Genia,

Baxter and his two other puppy buddies have arrived. Evidently Baxter was very unhappy alone in his crate so Rhonda moved him into the crate with the bigger pups. He settled down then and all rode here without fussing. The three are having a great time in their new pen. The pen that we had set up for them didn’t work because they could get through the panels, so we put them in our kid pen which is made to keep tiny goat kids from getting out. They are doing well there and enjoying jumping on all the kid toys. Baxter is wonderful. I was a bit worried that he might be too submissive of a dog after we talked, but it looks like he will be a great combination of daring, enthusiasm, and curiosity with an easy going temperament. He loves the feathers that he finds and has even carried a stick around already. It looks like Baxter and the female puppy, Donna, will be great friends. They already seem to have a camaraderie.

We got the “Kid Cam” remote camera going so that we can watch the puppies on the monitor in the dairy. We also hooked up a baby monitor so we can hear if there is a problem. We will start working with getting the puppies used to the whole area tomorrow, but until they can’t get through the cattle panel perimeter fencing they will have to stay penned when not supervised. It’s definitely going to be an adventure. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for raising such a cute puppy. I am looking forward to having him in our lives for a long time. Baxter is doing great and growing fast!

Kathryn Heininger
Black Mesa Ranch
Snowflake, AZ
Come see us online at

Black Mesa Ranch.com

Belle X Buddy's

BaxterAndGoats BaxterHeldByDavid




I just wanted to get you some updated photos of our little Bentley. We are so thankful that we came across your website and were attracted to your Lynn, and her daddy Einstein. Every time we look at him he reminds us of them and their beaiutiful looks. This dog LOVES water, we have to keep all toilet seats down or he has both front feet and head in it non stop and then he tracks it throughout the house. He is such a sweet boy and a lover in the last photo he loves to be by my feet and then rolls on his back for a good belly rubbing. He loves to go and run in the horse pastures with us when we go out and play with the horses, and when its time to irrigate yep you guessed it he is in it non stop. I cant say thank you enough.

Thank you for all you have done for us and giving us a special friend and compaion to add to our family.

Thank you
Rich and Melissa Ruh

Lynn x Charlie pup



Hi Genia,

I thought that you might be wondering what Moe looks like now.

We actually took him on his first camping trip last weekend. He also swam in the lake. I think he is growing every day and is a curious little guy.

Hope you are doing well!


Lynn x Charlie pup





Buddy is moving on up. He is making full bird retrieves now out in the field. All it took was 1 day. We left sunshine at home and worked him alone, that day he retrieved his first dove. Since then he has been on target. He is making great progress.

Buddy is awesome. and is really impressing us. He is hunting quail now. He sits, stays ( we have him on stay now up to about 75 yards) comes, fully house trained, and is learning down. He is fantastic in the field. He is almost flushing now, and he now follows the barrell for each shot and holds till sent to get the bird. He is fully covering me and thomas and hardly ever misses a bird. We like to work buddy on his own so there is less competition and so he can have a chance to get a bird. Ha ha. I will be taking lots of pics the next few months and will keep you updated. Hope all is well there. Talk to ya later. Jess and tom.... :)

Chester X Sunshine Pup

Buddy Buddy

We went out for duck opening day and I thought you would like some pictures of Buddy s first day. He was awesome. It was definately worth the wait, although we would rather we got him sooner. We could not have gotten a better pup. So here are some current pictures of Buddy. The one of him with the duck, well that was our duck season. Ha ha. He is awesome. I dont think he is going to miss a single bird this coming season. As you can see by the pics he is spoiled rotten. Well I will talk to ya soon.

BuddyBuddy Buddy

This last dove season I believe Buddy only missed like 3 birds. He is fantastic. And Sunshine is finally honoring Buddys rerieves. I limited out on one day and she only missed a few birds. Ha ha we can't go outside in camo or with a gun, they go nutts. If we go target practicing we have to sneak the guns out without them noticing.




Dear Genia , My husband and I would like to thank you for providing such a wonderful dog in Gypsy our little chocolate lab. To begin with she is very loving and extremely obient. She began to retive with no training on our part. With just a little work and patients she has developed into a great dog at 8 months old. We knew Gypsy was smart when we noticed she like to retive two things a once and does this quite successfully. We took her to Obients School and she graduted top of the class. She has learned many commands like sit , stay , down, take it , leave it , and of course retieve. She is also being trained to respond to hand commands for those same intial commands. She has such a beautiful shinnig coat and we get compliments all the time. I am sending you some pictures in a sort of croilogical order so you can see what a fine dog she has developed into. Sincerely Lorraine & Larry Walden

Tess X Chester Pup

pup pup



I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Bucket is doing. He is so SMART!! I mean unbelievably SMART - We only got him from you 6 weeks ago and I can count on one hand the accidents he has had in the house (He has never pooped in the house - not even once!!!) - he is fully trained, can sit/shake hands/lay down & completely rollover!! Amazing - most people who see it say they can only get their adults dogs to sit!!! We are so attached to him, and yes he is definitely one of the family.

My father-in-law says Bucket is so smart that he thinks we can have him doing handstands soon!! Anyways, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! THANK YOU for giving us the best dog in the world! Bucket has made our lives complete and we absolutely love him with all our hearts.

One of these days, I will definitely bring him back to visit you guys!

Tess X Chester Pup





Gus is starting to settle down a little bit and is much less toothy then when he was a little baby. I am impressed at his training progression since, admittedly, I don't have alot of time to spend with him every day. He now sits, stays, and comes by voice and whistle commands. I took him on his first Dove hunt last month and he had a great time. He even got to carry around his first dove! I can't seem to find the picture though. Here are two from New Years when we went up to our cabin in Forest Lakes. He had a spectacular time playing in the snow.

Gus is pushing if not 27inches. He has gotten to be a very tall boy. Pictured below at 3 years old.

Tess X Chester Pup




Gauge is one of Chesters pups, but not out of our females. He came to us due to his owners life unexpedly changing. We rehomed him for them into a hunting/family home and he is doing a great job.

Hi Genia,

Just wanted to tell you how great Gauge is doing.
He is working blind retrieves already. Very gentle with real birds. Had a friend who works with Pointers watch us and he said he thinks Gauge is a natural.
My husband loves him too.

Gauge's only problem is he loves to work so much, it takes him a little while to settle. He just gets so excited. But I think that will come with maturity.

How much do you sell your puppy's for? Maybe next year if I can sell some more horses I might like to get a pup to bring up and that way I will have a dog for each of us.

Again thanks so much for Gauge,

Chester Pup



Koko & Marko (siblings)

This is Koko and Marko who are Locked N Loaded Winchester's children and live in Sedona Arizona. I as an owner of brother and sister labradors & I couldn't be any happier with the joy they give to me. As well have decided to let Koko have one litter with Graves Labrador's Charlie.

Chester Pups

Koko KokoKokoKoko10

Marco4 Marco1 Marco3


These two girls have went on to be therpy girls and will work in a therapy clinic.

Kori Pups

399 391


This is Bailey.

He was born 7/26/01. He loves to go boating, jeeping and dive 6 feet under water to get that ball. Most of all he loves his Dan.

Einstein Pup





Reggie loves his playmate. When he was 9 weeks old his parents said he was ringing the door bell they had placed for him to go out to use the restroom.

Kori Pup

3 21


This is Arizona's Blacky.

She is a therapy dog in Phoenix Arizona.

Einstein Pup



This is Shylo. He moved to California to be a wonderful pet.

Einstein Pup



This is Sequoya with her parents. She is an only child and loving it.

Einstein Pup



This is Sergei. He lives with Storm and his parents. Sergei is a military brat.

Einstein Pup

14 16

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